What our Customers Say



It’s been absolutely amazing, now myself and my spouse can finally take college classes while at home.

~ Aaron Rose

xxxx High-Speed internet has helped my family tremendously. My wife is a high school English teacher, Senior class sponsor, and high school virtual school coordinator. She has to have internet to be able to keep her classes functioning and running well. Having reliable, fast internet and equipment used to be a dream, since we live in a more rural area. Now that we have EcoLink, what once was a dream, is now a reality! We can watch movies as a family, my wife can easily have multiple devices connected and going at the same time, and no more data limits! We love our internet, and we are thankful for the great customer service from EcoLink!

~ Blake Yarbrough


Ecolink Internet has changed me life in the following ways

1) I have the ability and worry free option to work from home
2) I work full time and a part time college student.
3)In home cameras to watch my elderly mother when I'm at work.

My internet is worry free and I depend on it for the above three reasons mainly which have changed my life by having the flexibility to work from home when needed, attend college online and further my education and to watch my elderly mother through the day to make sure she hasn't fallen or is in trouble of any kind. I am very grateful for such a reliable service and how it has changed my life for the better thank you!

~ Alice Perry


I moved into my home 2 years ago. My home is out in the middle of the woods in Checotah. Unfortunately, there was virtually no cell service out here and getting internet or tv service seemed like an impossible feat out here due to so many trees being around me. I could not call or text family or friends from home and there was actually family emergencies that I was very late to find out about due to no family being able to get ahold of me. But this all changed when I got your fiber optic internet out here! Once I had the internet I was able to turn Wi-Fi calling on my phone and my family could finally reach me again! Also, I now have the opportunity to live stream my tv shows and movies. The one thing that I missed the most in my first year of living here was the news! I felt so disconnected from the world because I couldn't even watch the news! Now, thanks to ecolink, I can livesteam my local news. And lastly, I started my ecolink Wi-Fi journey as a student and having that Wi-Fi made it possible for me to do my work from home. And I never would have made it through my last semester of college during the pandemic without ecolink! My classes suddenly went online and constant zoom videos! This was absolutely impossible before I got the Wi-Fi At My home! Now, I am a first year English teacher! I never imagined how much I would need internet access as a teacher. Not having this internet would have made my life 100 times more difficult without having that accessibility to students. Thank you so much for bringing this internet service to my area!

~ Kimberly Workman/David Gourd