Who are we?

ecoLINK fiber services is a subsidiary of East Central Electric Cooperative (ECE). It is managed and operated with the same attitude and spirit of the Cooperative that our members know and trust.


What is ecoLINK?

ecoLINK fiber services will provide 100% fiber optic internet and premium phone service to homes and businesses.


Why ecoLINK?

Fiber technology provides for a self-healing electric system.

A self-healing electric system allows for reduced outage time and enhanced efficiency and safety. It provides automation capabilities that ultimately increase the reliability of electric service.


The lack of availability of reliable, affordable internet service has gone on too long.

Some may remember or have heard stories of when electric cooperatives first brought electricity to rural homes and farms. It made such a difference in the lives of those who had been overlooked or refused service. Now 80 years later, we’re doing it again - bringing a much-needed service to the underserved.